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Foshan Nanhai Weijian Sanbang Protective Equipment Tchnology Co., LTD., established in 2015, is one of the professional manufacturing and selling enterprises with the recognition of relevant industrial standards for labor protection equipment in guangdong province. As always, Foshan Nanhai Weijian Sanbang Protective Equipment Tchnology Company aims to be an excellent "occupational safety protection expert", has been groping in practice, to produce safe and portable health protection products as its mission, to Co-oriented and quality makes survival as its principles, makes efforts continuously for the health of the people! Now the main products are anti-toxic dust mask, rubber mask, folding mask, activated-charcoal filter mask, disposable face mask, various kinds of anti-noise earplugs, etc. After years of development, the production operations of our manufacturing plant have been large-scale and advanced and it ensures the quality of products thanks to the ability of systematic research and development and complete testing. Most products are widely used in civilian and industry, covering the metal processing industry, pottery porcelain industry, oil and gas industry, construction industry, mining industry, etc. Our products are all over China and some of them are exported abroad.

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Years of wind and rain journey, time to witness the experience and growth, the company has been adhering to the healthy, safe and  comfortable designing style, dedicated to the concept of professional focus and whole heart service, with high-quality superior materials products and fine meticulous care of people's life and health!


Corporate culture

Brand spirit: down to earth is better than words and ingenuity

 Business philosophy: cooperation, win-win, integration, altruism, mutual assistance, group, alliance

 Competition concept: only partners, no competitors

 Team concept: to build military execution, school learning and family happiness

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